If you are not a tec-diver I kindly suggest to stop here and move to more interesting stuff. You will only see dead boring 20 minutes of: endless, dark, narrow, radioactive, rusty gangways full of slit.

If you are a tec-diver you are welcome to follow us on an endless, dark, narrow, radioactive trip through rusty gangways full of slit that may probably spoil all your future wrack dives – it is a space travel to an unexplored alien spaceship. Be my guest…

I prepared myself for this trip for many years and I can only recommend this to everybody thinking about the same. The USS Saratoga will collapse in 5 to 10 years and then this piece of history is gone…

12l doubles (20/25 tri-mix)
52 nitrox 1. stage
91 nitrox 2. stage
GoPro 3
Sola 1200