This is my first documentary based on my Bikini Atoll trip from last year on the MV Windward. The last boat on this planet with a license for dive trips to a lost paradise and a shameful pinnacle of human hubris!

Well not all humans. It was definitely not my fault and I am just the explorer 😎

I was right to avoid videography!  😉 Afterwards it takes so much time to turn it into something slightly usable. Before it is even worse, as it would simply block you from your vacation…

Please enjoy what I have assembled based on footage that was never intended to be used in this context. Most of the footage is from my Backup-GoPro that is mounted on my Canon. It just runs permanently throughout the dive but the material was by far more useful as the stills I got with my camera.

Also a big thank you to Robert and Peter for their material that was very helpful to turn it into a story. Robert from organized the trip and was the battle drone pilot, Peter was my trusted buddy!

…and durring the editing process I learned you need real music, you need a voiceover, FCPX is complex and M5 even more…

Here is the result on Youtube: Battle Cruiser Prinz Eugen

Here is a screen from Final Cut Pro X on the final project:

FCPX Project

Next topics will be:

  • On Tec Diving
  • Life on the MV Windward
  • The Penetration of the USS Saratoga