Anatomy of a Bungee Jump

You need  a kick by jumping down to hell with life insurance?
Well, you are most probably considering the right move!

Do it! It is definitely something that will remain on your life time mental media top ten! You will be able to recall it anytime and it will help you to put minor daily problems into the right context.

…I never considered Bungee jumping for myself. I already had 10 sky dives some 20 years ago and was fully aware that it is much tougher to jump from a comprehensible non-abstract height.

However, you may also have friends who really know you and therefore ask if you would join a Bungee jumping trip.

Some weeks before
You argue a little against it, because you are so f* rationale, responsible and because it really makes no sense. After a short resistance of some few arguments I accepted – of-course!

Some days before
This is the ugly time! You will start to google. You will look up You are f*! 🙂 Every single bit of information will be used by your brain to punish you.

You will be surprised by the creativity of your brain to create new “Final Destination” movies in your head – buen sueños!

You are now in the mood of somebody who is sentenced to death. The only thing you can control now is to keep some dignity…
You are also happy to end this f* sh* as soon as possible.

In case you have chosen Verzasca as your guillotine you will drive for 20 minutes through serpentines.

Without any warning you will face the full structure and realize the craziness of your decision.

However, now you can not get out of this assignment – uncontrolled laugh within the group of you joined may be a reaction… It is to late now to get out of this sh* 🙂

1st version – real-time:

Waiting for your sentence to death

You have accepted your death, you line in, you watch others, you increase your doubts, you wait…

It is now your turn
Finally, let’s do it. You look down (you really should). You look forward (they tell you: it feels like superman when you look forward). You jump!

1st Second
Hey cool! It is really like superman! 🙂 (that is because you still have a horizontal position and look towards the horizon and have no feedback on your downside vector)

2nd Second

3rd Second
The Superman drive may be broken! F*! (you are now heading down and you see where you will hit the ground)

4 Second
The Superman drive IS broken! I am F*!

5 Second
I am much to fast! This is not the plan! Where is the f* bungee?

6 Second
…after all I knew it… I am the first with a bungee rupture! F*!!!

7 Second

8 Second
(the bungee fully kicks in and slows you down smoothly)

2nd version – slow motion: