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Same day as before, just before breakfast. Incredible experience. At the very north east of the reef you drop into blue water and just wait and they come to watch.


OK, on the 17th I had sharks before breakfast, sharks before lunch and it was very close to become dinner for sharks on the 3rd dive. This was definitely my best and most intense diving experience I ever had! @Seven […]

Ice Diving

Ice diving is cool! Well it is really cool at the end! After carrying all your stuff to the lake, trying hard not to slide to death on your way down (do not forget to have some spikes on your dry-suit shoes!), enjoying […]

Crystal Bay and Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is a 22km by 16km small island right in the middle of the Lombok stream. Nearly 2 milion cubic meters per second are streaming to the south. On your way to Nusa Penida the ocean will look like […]


If you look for a pacific island paradise with vulcanoes, jungle, relaxed hinduistic culture, beach life and exceptional diving Bali is probably one of the best spots to go! As this happened last year I will stick to some very […]

Back home…

(first after thoughts from home looking back) …home? A rather strange feeling after such a long time. Please consider, that this is the last picture I have in mind: The only things you can do there is sunbathing, diving, drinking […]

Torres del Paine

Restaurierte Blog-Eintrag Am 12.4. (Franziskas 17er) schien die Sonne und wir sind in den Torres del Paine Nationalpark gefahren. Schon der Weg dorthin lässt einen gelegentlich unkontrolliert stammeln und nach Worten suchen, weil es so unglaublich schön ist. Hier und da liegen […]

“El Troll” – Expeditionsmobil (Unimog 1300L Typ 435)

Das Expeditionsmobil, das mich durch den Südamerikanischen Kontinent transportieren soll, ist ein Mercedes Unimog 1300L Typ 435. Es ist ein Ex-Bundeswehrfahrzeug Baujahr 1982. Als Depotfahrzeug hat es gerade mal 17000km hinter sich. [AFG_gallery id=’2′] Features Mobil: Dachluke (für meine “Kamera-Lafette”) […]

Neue EU-Gepäckverordnung…

…oder meinen die das wirklich ernst? Nachdem vor einigen Tagen die neue Verordnung in Kraft trat, wollte ich bei meiner letzten Reise das Ganze mal am eigenen Leib testen. Bewaffnet mit Zahnpasta und Rasierwasser (beides an der kritischen Grenze von 100ml) […]