Traveling through Micronesia to the Marshall Islands

To reach Ebeye where the MS Windward was waiting for us, we had to get to Kwajalein the only international airport on the Marshall Islands. I never heard this name before but United did, as they got very nervous when our […]

Bikini Atoll Teaser

…the tainted lost paradise… Just back from the most remote place I have ever traveled to. 13.000km away from Frankfurt am Main, one third of the circumference of the planet and 10 hours time difference. You will find here soon some […]

Heavy Metal & Big Numbers – Welzow-Süd

Ever wondered how a 8 billion Euro p.a. money printer could look like? It looks like this and for me quite impressive! this is just a tiny part of a square 54km area that will be farmed until 2042. Have […]

Verzasca Bungee Jump (Golden Eye Stunt)

Anatomy of a Bungee Jump You need  a kick by jumping down to hell with life insurance? Well, you are most probably considering the right move! Do it! It is definitely something that will remain on your life time mental […]

On photographing Leopards

Wildlife photography = waiting in the wild… Back in 2007 where I had my first wildlife experience in Namibia I instantly fell in love with wildlife photograph. Etosha was a great experience but there where no leopard sightings. I was […]

BBQ Shoutout: Lotus Grill vs. European Outdoor Chef Delta

I could not resist to buy the latest from BBQ research: The brand new Lotus Grill! Findings: Apple like product assembly! cool! Incredible fast startup. It is up and running after 5 minutes! It is true, the outside remains cool. […]

SS Thistlegorm by Night

Fascinating experience to dive the SS Thistlegorm by night. Fascinated to see how recreational divers take an impressive number of risks. Well at least they are not aware of it. How should they after 20 dives? However our managing tour […]

Red Sea Wrecks

Yes! Wreck diving is one of the last somehow achievable activities on earth that may bring you into an Indiana Jones feeling. You travel through time and even on heavy dived wrecks as the Thistledorm you are allowed to kill […]

Red Sea Trip – Dolphins

I am plowing through some few thousands of underwater pics (and throwing away 90%) as well as hours of underwater movies, so please give me some time. There is some nice stuff like this so please stay tuned 🙂  

Playing with food – Mushroom Stop-Motion

Mom told me not to play with food, but this is a long time ago – perfect excuse to forget it!