Monthly Archives: May 2013

BBQ Shoutout: Lotus Grill vs. European Outdoor Chef Delta

I could not resist to buy the latest from BBQ research: The brand new Lotus Grill! Findings: Apple like product assembly! cool! Incredible fast startup. It is up and running after 5 minutes! It is true, the outside remains cool. […]

SS Thistlegorm by Night

Fascinating experience to dive the SS Thistlegorm by night. Fascinated to see how recreational divers take an impressive number of risks. Well at least they are not aware of it. How should they after 20 dives? However our managing tour […]

Red Sea Wrecks

Yes! Wreck diving is one of the last somehow achievable activities on earth that may bring you into an Indiana Jones feeling. You travel through time and even on heavy dived wrecks as the Thistledorm you are allowed to kill […]