Monthly Archives: December 2012

Wildlife at Inyati

Enjoy the wildlife mix from my Inyati Lodge safaris trips at Sabi Sands. Mama-phant & Baby-phant I love birds – weird colors, textures and form factors. I’m so happy those dinosaurs survived. Hypo wakeup Baboons Landscapes Rhinos and Oxpeckers Buffaloes […]

The Wild Dogs of Sabi Sands

On my last day at the Inyati Lodge I had the great luck to see Wild Dogs on a hunt or at the end. These creatures require huge hunting territories as they have to share it with other competing predators. They […]

The Selati Males – A coalition of four male lions in Sabi Sands

The Inyati Lodge was my next stop. Actually this was my first real game lodge and an incredible experience of wildlife and luxury. I will come back to this with an dedicated post but first I want to share my […]